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The Perfect Stickers for Dog Moms

The Perfect Stickers for Dog Moms

Every dog mom struggles with leaving their lil fur baby behind whenever they goon errands. ALSO finding a sticker that resembles your dog is a struggle and a half. Dogs are so unique, how can you find one that matches the love of your life???

THE GOOD NEWS is I can help you!! Let me make your dog into a waterproof sticker and solve all those problems! I'll fill you in on what I even make for the dog moms, the process of getting your own dog sticker, and why you maybe definitely absolutely should get one!!

FIRST UP: what can I, a simple business owner, make for the dog moms (and cat moms.. and bunny moms.. and horse moms... you get it)

The short answer: pretty much anything sticker or magnet related! The long answer...

Here's the process: I can take any photo you provide me, and turn it into the most perfect addition to your water bottle, laptop case, or fridge. These are waterproof stickers and magnets, and add the perfect touch of personalization. I can remove the background and make some minor adjustments so you end up with the perfect sticker or magnet of your dog! Just send over a photo or two or three or more, and let me do my magic! I will always send you a proof for approval before I make a physical product!

WHY on God's green earth do I need another sticker? That might be a question you're asking, and it's 1000% valid. In response, I ask you: do you have a sticker that looks exactly like your dog? No? Question answered. It's super easy to find packs of stickers for super cheap, but I guarantee you, you will be so over the moon ecstatic to have your own dog as a sticker. Think of all the cute poses your dog does- you KNOW you have a camera roll full of photos that you might never use. Let me use them!!

These stickers and magnets also make fantastic gifts, even for those hard to shop for parents/grandparents/friends. It's so amazing to bring a smile to someone's face with a simple sticker or magnet of their best friend!

If you want to brighten up your water bottle, laptop case, fridge, and more with quality, waterproof stickers of your dog, I am your girl!! Check out my listing here if you want to know more or place an order!! 



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