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Top 5 Taylor Swift Stickers Under $5

Top 5 Taylor Swift Stickers Under $5

Hey Swiftie! If you are obsessed with Taylor Swift like me, you're going to want to stick around for these amazing waterproof sticker designs. Some are subtle, some are pretty obvious, but all are amazing!! These stickers come in 3 sizes, and the 3" and 1.5" are both under $5!! 

First up- a classic! Taylor worked so hard to make sure all of her hard work STAYED hers. The iconic “Taylor’s Version” is the ONLY version I listen to! You can mark things as “Taylor’s Version” too with this sticker!! 

Second- Book lovers and Swifties unite for this one! All of her albums as book covers, is there a more perfect union?! The amazing watercolor flowers coming up behind the books are the perfect touch to elevate this sticker. 

Third- Unlike the song “You’re losing me,” you WON’T lose this sticker since you’ll be putting it on your favorite item! Any other pathological people pleasers out there? This line is like a dagger to my soul in the best (and worst) way!

Fourth- Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) meets disco ball- AMAZING! This purple hued mirrorball is the perfect combo of trendy and meaningful. Speak Now was the album of my senior year of high school, and WOW is the nostalgia real when listening to Taylor’s Version!

Fifth- Last but certainly not least, we have Taylor’s outfits from all of her different eras! Taylor’s Eras tour continues to be absolutely ICONIC as are her outfits! 

I would love to know in the comments- what is your favorite Taylor Swift lyric!? 

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